Customized consulting and educational services to further the advancement of you and your entire company.

Experienced managers know how important the sharing of best practices is. They are aware that complex decisions require more than just one view of the issue. That is why we partner with many companies in their strategic decision-making processes, and help interconnect clients and share know-how. Our extensive experience allows us to provide companies with support in the areas of personnel and psychology as well as the managerial and strategic consulting. No matter the consultation type, our goal is always the same; to facilitate and nurture the client company’s robust growth.

Knowledge of the company and its functional strategy is essential

We always start our collaboration with a thorough understanding of the current situation of the client company and its plans for the future. We familiarize ourselves with the company’s culture, processes, vision and employees. At the same time, we discuss the client’s wishes and intentions so that we can draft a plan of action that accurately reflects the client’s needs. This allows us to create a functional strategy that will ensure the achievement of the client’s goal.

Consulting in numbers
experienced consultants
years of market experience
implemented projects

What Consulting involves

Our many years of experience in a wide range of fields and industry sectors in the Czech Republic and abroad allows us to provide our clients with a complex consultancy service.

By using us as an external consultant, you will not only benefit from our rich expertise, but more importantly, you will gain an outsider’s perspective. A fresh perspective is often the key to defining the steps necessary for the achievement of the desired goal.

We will be your partners in:

creating or changing the organizational structure,
defining the scope of individual job positions,
assessing the personal and professional skills of employees as individuals, or as part of a team,
preparing and implementing assessment centers,
labor law consultancy,
setting internal and external communication processes,
social network presentation,
consultancy for new companies and start-ups,
as devil’s advocate in your decision-making process.

Clients who benefited in their careers from our Consulting services

Why use Consulting

20 years of experience
Our experienced consultants will support you with honest and mature feedback.
Market familiarity
We can provide quick and unemotional assessment of your situation, and feedback on a wide range of issues
Industry familiarity
Depending on the field, we are able to prepare analyses and map the market very quickly
Long-term partnership
Independent, expert and confidential service grounded in long-term partnerships