Career Development

Personalized professional program for those who want to take control of their careers.

Whether you have been working on your career for years or you have just entered the labor market, the TOPSEARCH Career Development program is the ideal choice for your professional development. This individualized professional program is designed for everybody who wants to have their professional life firmly in grip. Together, we will find an effective way to move your career forward to where you want it to be. Career Development will help you design a career advancement strategy and define concrete steps to achieve your career goals.

Career Development: the key service for your career.

We know from our own experience that many challenges and difficulties accompany career changes. A new job opportunity will fundamentally affect your life and the life of your family for months and years to come. Therefore, nothing is left to chance in the Career Development program.

We will prepare you systematically for entry into your new career, starting with meticulous selection, and then verification of your future employer’s references. We will also help you in handling internal advancement opportunities. We believe that care should be taken in making professional life decisions, just as it should in personal life decisions. The impact of career change should never be underestimated.

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What to expect from the Career Development program?

Each client and his or her career are unique, nevertheless, during consultations, we proceed in clearly defined steps. The objective of Career Development is a complex mapping of the professional life, ideas and wishes of clients and is geared towards a specific labor market.

If you use our Career Development program, you will have 10 personal meetings with our experienced consultants, during which we will:

make an analysis of your current professional experience,
define your career goals in terms of your personal life, visions and expectations,
write your CV and a cover letter that both perfectly correspond to your objective,
analyze your social networks and prepare a strategy for your online presentation,
address the labor market with attention focused on companies and positions that are in line with your defined goal,
back up your CV with suitable references,
prepare you for an interview - in Czech as well as in English,
prepare arguments for negotiations on the terms and conditions of your new employment,
prepare you for the onboarding process in your new company and new position.

Why use Career Development

Open discussion
We will have an open discussion on your career visions, concerns and objectives, and together we will prepare a plan to achieve them.
Full confidentiality
All information discussed during the consultations will be privileged and only shared between you and our consultants. Total confidentiality is one of our priorities
Flawless service
Our 20 years of experience in the field guarantees that we can offer you exclusive personnel service that is tried and tested by hundreds of satisfied clients.
Individual approach
We are aware that each client is unique, and we will not try to file you into a predefined statistic or category. All services are tailored to the individual needs of our clients.