Executive Search

Acquire a candidate who meets your requirements and fits the culture of your company on both a professional and personal level.

We will be an integral part of your team; whether you are looking for a CEO for a multinational company, a manager for a Czech company or a highly experienced specialist. We will find a candidate who perfectly suits your needs and shares your vision in professional, managerial and personal terms.

Executive Search is fundamentally different from ordinary Recruitment in its manner of addressing and approaching candidates. When looking for a perfect fit, we contact only those candidates whose work experience, managerial and personal profile, as well as personal values, match the client’s expectations perfectly.

Executive Search in numbers
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1 250
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12 200
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Recruitment process using the Executive Search service:

The objective of the collaboration is to fill the post with a candidate who will enrich the company with his or her professional and personal experience, and who will also form a long-term synergistic connection. To be able to create such a connection, we need to understand the philosophy, values and culture of the company, its managers and its employees. We also need to know as much as possible about the team and the field and above all, have a detailed understanding of the profile of the ideal employee. To achieve our common objective, we use a time-tested procedure which involves the following:

thorough assessment of the needs and requirements of the client,
familiarization with the company’s culture, team and location,
defining the profile of the ideal candidate from the perspective of the company and the market,
identifying long and shortlisted candidates,
thorough verification of each candidate's references,
personal presentation of the candidates to the client,
support and assistance during the negotiation of terms,
onboarding and adaptation.

We are Executive Search specialists.

We have been reliable partners to our clients for over 13 years. Our know-how, confidential approach, market knowledge, refined methodology, and also our ability to flexibly respond to changes are just a few of the reasons that our clients keep coming back and recommend us to others. Our over 450 satisfied clients attest to the quality of our services.

Clients who found an ideal candidate with our help

Why use Executive Search

We try to find a candidate who perfectly meets your requirements as a professional and as a person, and we do so as quickly as possible.
Confidentiality is one of our most important principles. We only disclose what has been agreed upon with the client.
Specific positions - We are not afraid of unusual assignments, and we are able to find a candidate for new or atypical job positions or locations.
We always treat our clients and candidates with openness and honesty. Full transparency enables us to find solutions that are satisfactory for all parties.