One of our key areas of specialization is personnel consulting in the fields of insurance, leasing, and the banking and non-banking sectors.

Our years of experience and dozens of clients in the industry have provided us with a comprehensive overview of all specializations in the fields of banking, insurance, financial services, and receivables management. We are able to quickly and discreetly grasp your situation and offer a solution that is in your and your company’s long-term best interest.

We know that a personalized and individualized approach always plays a crucial role in every long-term partnership. We provide our services to companies such as AXA Insurance Company, Commercial Bank, Generali Investment, Czech Insurance Company, Allianz, AXA Bank, CSOB Leasing, CSOB Insurance, SkoFIN, Provident Financial, Moneta, Metlife, Uniqa, E-OS and AXA Assistance.