Our Values

At TOPSEARCH, our main objective is to provide first-class services and establish long-term relationships with our clients and candidates.

All TOPSEARCH employees have the same goal, which is to provide premium services and build long-term relationships with our clients and candidates. Guided by our professional experience, we dedicate most of our working time acquiring a detailed understanding of the client’s field, needs and corporate culture.

We apply an individualized and open approach based on integrity and honesty to each project that we undertake. We believe that this is the only way to provide services of the quality that our clients and candidates rightly expect from us.


Each of our projects caters to the individual client’s needs. Our success lies in not only being an open-minded partner, but also in being an absolutely reliable one. No letter or e-mail is left unanswered. We communicate regularly and actively with our clients and candidates. Our rigorous adherence to our corporate values and the trust built through previous collaboration mean that our candidates and clients tend to come back to us.

TOPSEARCH partners and consultants are bound by the following values:


Confidentiality is an absolute necessity for the success of any type of cooperation. In each project we ensure that information about our clients and candidates is given the maximum level of protection. We are aware that personnel changes have an impact on companies, as well as on the personal lives of individual candidates and this awareness is reflected in our treatment of all stakeholders.

Pro-customer approach

We perceive the demands of individual clients and candidates and act accordingly. We adjust our procedure as needed to ensure that at the end of each project there are both satisfied clients and also satisfied candidates.

Persistence and effort

Finding a stable candidate of quality for a position is a priority for us. We fully monitor all potential candidates in the market in each project that we undertake. We always want to be sure we have not missed any opportunities. We are committed to delivering results.

Individual and team solutions

Our vast experience and friendly manner enable us to provide all our clients and candidates with professional service of the highest standard. Though all of our employees are fully qualified and committed, we are aware that everybody, no matter how great they are, has their limitations. For this reason, we prefer to work in teams composed of experienced consultants who, in the interest of both clients and candidates, work together to find the best solution.

Creativity and new approaches

Wary of becoming complacent, we are constantly on the lookout for creative new approaches in applying our knowledge and skills. We offer our clients and candidates modern solutions that include new technologies and social networks. Knowledge, modern technologies, efficiency, and creativity help each individual and company find their place in the market and become successful.

High standard of services

We give our all to each and every project and provide highly effective, fair and valuable services. In the long run, delivering just average results does not pay off for anyone.


When establishing, maintaining and developing new and existing relationships, we always act on the basis of ethical principles and rules of natural human decency. We treat clients and candidates with transparency, loyalty and tact, as is the norm in a professional partnership.

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