Our Approach

We build long-term relationships with our clients, employers, and candidates based on respect, a personal approach and absolute confidentiality

At TOPSEARCH, we always approach everyone with the awareness that a career change or employee recruitment are extremely important steps in the life of a company or an individual. You will never be just another one of our clients or one of many candidates to us. We appreciate and value your expertise, professionalism and uniqueness because we are aware that there is history, development, and often difficult decisions behind each change. We are glad to be a part of this process and are fully committed to walking you through each step of the way.

At TOPSEARCH, our priority is a fully professional approach with a human face. We believe that each candidate and client is first and foremost a unique personality. Each has their own life experience that has formed them and determines their expectations for the future. This also holds true for professional relationships, business opportunities, employees, and employers as well as business partners.

We have to first understand the needs of our clients. We need to become well-acquainted with their current corporate culture, the personalities in the company, their visions, expectations and experience. In dealing with our candidates, we place emphasis on this personal approach, trying to understand their ambitions, career goals and, most importantly, their motivation for the change. It is clear that motivation changes in the course of one’s professional life, and therefore we always take into account each client’s current situation. On the basis of this information, we are able to target and connect top professionals with other recognized experts.

Developing the relationships with our client companies and individuals is an important part of our work at TOPSEARCH. We understand that companies and individuals perceive us as a partner who will assist them in finding excellent employees, or who will help them make a change and fulfill their vision. The simple knowledge that we have helped you move forward in your career or with your company is very important and encouraging to us.

Last but not least, we want to stress how much we appreciate the trust you place in us. We take this responsibility very seriously and are focused on always doing our best to find a solution for your current personnel situation.

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