We help you and your employees handle organizational changes in your company.

The dismissal of employees is always a challenging situation for the company, as well as the staff. The aim of the Outplacement program is to help dismissed employees cope with the situation and ensure that their transition to new employment is as smooth as possible for them.

We help employees orient themselves in the labor market and in doing so, refine their vision of their future career path. We work with them to create a competitive CV and a LinkedIn profile, and focus on in-depth preparation for job interviews.

Individual Outplacement

The program is intended for companies dismissing a particular employee. Individualized care is taken in handling each such employee with the aim of successfully finding him or her new employment. The objective of this program goes beyond finding suitable employment as quickly as possible. It also encompasses honing professional presentation skills and developing the ability to ask for and accept feedback.

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Group Outplacement

The group Outplacement program is designed for companies that are forced to lay off a large number of staff members. The affected employees participate in group seminars and individual consultations to help them cope with their situation, orient themselves in the labor market and find a new job as quickly as possible.

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Benefits of Outplacement to employees

We provide individualized psychological assistance and share our know-how to help employees to quickly orient themselves in the labor market.
We assist with CV preparation and create a LinkedIn profile based on the current trends and individual needs.
We ensure thorough job interview preparation and provide legal support during the negotiation of terms with the new employer.