Group Outplacement

The Group Outplacement Program is designed for companies that are forced to dismiss a large number of employees and wish to give them the maximum in support in dealing with the new life situation, and in obtaining new jobs.

The goals of the program are to help the departing employees orient themselves quickly in the current labor market. The process includes writing a competitive curriculum vitae, creating a profile on the LinkedIn professional network and preparing for job interviews.

The program structure is always adapted to the market most relevant to the dismissed employees, and their locations and positions. Usually, the program consists of two group seminars and subsequent individual consultations. The group sessions place particular focus on the following:

  • steps to be taken when you lose a job
  • improvement of objective self-evaluation skills
  • correct design of a CV, letter of introduction and references
  • recommendations concerning online presentation in social networks, websites etc.
  • effective strategy of searching for a new job
  • retraining and extension of education

In the individual consultations that follow the group seminars, we focus on giving feedback concerning the candidate’s preferred positions and CV design, and we also work through a personalized strategy for addressing potential employers.