Health Care

The targeted search for specialized health care personnel has been a point of focus for us for over six years.

We offer exclusive personnel services in the field of health care. We find suitable candidates who will become valuable team members at hospitals, health care centers, and private practices. We fill top management and also top medical doctor posts with qualified candidates.

We have extensive experience in finding specialists and mapping the market for companies operating not only in the Czech Republic but also internationally, e.g., Mediclinic, VAMED Mediterra, Medicon, Health Plus, Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic, Mělník Hospital, Penta Hospital, Nextclinic. Private hospitals, clinics and cosmetic clinics also utilize our services.

In addition to finding a suitable candidate, we can help you with the development and training of your medical staff. We train employees in skills ranging from basic managerial and communicative skills, up to and including special programs to improve communication with patients and their family members.