Individualized educational programs to push you or your entire company forward.

Employee education and development have become an indispensable part of the programs of most modern employers; small companies, large corporations and state organizations, too. In corporate educational programs, assessment often presents a problem. Employee development is costly for employers and the company owners naturally expect a return on investment.

Education must be taken as an investment made by an employer in its employees. A return on the investment can only be expected if the education of the employees is effective and immediately applicable in the working process.

At TOPSEARCH, we believe that the only way to a more effective employee education process, and consequently return on investment for the company, is a training program tailored to the needs of the company, team or a particular employee. In our training programs, we focus systematically on the development of existing skills, or the acquisition of new ones, prioritizing the development of abilities that are of immediate use and benefit to the company. To be able to achieve this result, we must:

  • know the needs of the client,
  • be familiar with the client’s environment,
  • define the priorities and the objective of the training,
  • choose appropriate training methods and coaches,
  • focus on the result,
  • asses the ability of the employees to apply the acquired knowledge and skills.
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Benefits of the Training program

For our clients we prepare personalized and unique training programs consisting of individual modules. Their careful selection, order and overall timing are designed to bring real benefits to the client company. TOPSEARCH training programs cater to the needs of the company and focus on:

  • immediate improvement of the knowledge and abilities of employees,
  • achievement of a clearly defined goal,
  • management of a critical situation,
  • long-term improvement of qualifications and competitiveness.

Prior to the start of the process itself, a special team that reflects the particular needs of the client is assembled. Not only coaches and project guarantors but also specialized experts are always involved in this team.

What can you expect from our Training programs?

increase in the effectiveness of the company's management,
optimal use of the skills and abilities of employees,
increase in the company’s competitiveness,
made-to-measure education reflecting the current needs of the company,
concrete experience of our coaches in the areas you wish to improve,
improvement of relationships and strengthening of ties in your team,
positive thinking and enhancement of the creative atmosphere.

Clients whose careers have benefitted from our Training programs

Why use our Training programs

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