Individual Outplacement

The Individual Outplacement Program is designed for companies that are forced to dismiss certain employees and wish to help them find new employment that corresponds to their qualifications and skill levels.

We support such employees by efficiently targeting the job market and finding gainful employment. During our sessions with each employee, we analyze their professional history and look at their vision for the future. In addition to assisting them in preparing a competitive curriculum vitae and a LinkedIn profile, we also focus on in-depth preparation for job interviews.

The entire program, including all sessions, are designed individually, taking into account the needs of the departing employee. The typical format is 10 individual sessions covering the following points:

  • analysis of the candidate’s professional history, present and future goals
  • review of the current CV and LinkedIn profile and their adaptation to new goals
  • review of current online presentation in social networks, websites etc.
  • monitoring the job market and preparation for addressing the market
  • preparation of references
  • addressing the job market
  • detailed interview preparation, including rehearsing for an interview
  • training of argumentation and negotiation skills

The program aims not just at assistance and support throughout the process of seeking a new job. The longer-term benefit is that employees learn how to professionally present themselves and also gain useful information and skills. This gives them the tools for efficient and independent management of similar situations in the future.