Code of Conduct

We appreciate the trust you place in TOPSEARCH and our team. It is an honor and at the same time, a great responsibility. We are fully aware that the personal data you disclose to us must not get into the hands of any unauthorized person. Your personal data is, without a doubt, the most valuable thing we receive from you, and we will always ensure standards of protection and confidentiality that are stricter than those prescribed by current legislation. Our good reputation is everything to us; we know very well that it is the reason we have clients from all economic sectors coming to us every day. We are committed to protecting your personal data at all times, and we will never proactively disclose your personal data to anyone without your consent.


Doing solid and professional work is an absolutely fundamental principle for us. Our reward is that we can look each of our clients in the eye knowing that we have done our utmost for them in all respects. That is our priority. It is the premise of all our principles and reflects the fact that we always want to do an outstanding job regardless of whether our client is a Fortune 500 company, a Top 100 company in the Czech Republic, a start-up, or an individual.


Each member of the TOPSEARCH team is committed to full compliance with valid laws and other legal regulations of the Czech Republic. In addition to strict adherence to current legislation, we are also mindful of the moral aspects of our activities and conduct. Our clients can count on us to always act fairly in our relationship with them, not only in professional communication, but also on a personal level. With this strict ethical code of conduct in mind, each of us refrains from taking any action or participating in any behavior that might damage the trustworthiness of TOPSEARCH, both in the eyes of our clients and in society as a whole.

Personal data protection

The personal data of each and every TOPSEARCH client is strictly protected under Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). TOPSEARCH guarantees compliance with the valid legislation of the Czech Republic and the European Union.

Corporate responsibility

The required results are only achievable if there is a feeling of mutual trust between the client and the consultant. At TOPSEARCH, we strive to cultivate interpersonal relationships, and are committed to ethical behavior and respectful communication with clients. Through regular inspection and assessment, TOPSEARCH management ensures the fulfillment of all obligations and duties by its employees.

Transparent procedures

We understand transparency to mean that all parties involved are committed to open and honest behavior. At TOPSEARCH, we give our clients on both sides as much valid information as possible. This provides them with an ideal platform from which to make well-informed and qualified decisions regarding their future.

Respect and confidentiality

At TOPSEARCH, we always assess our clients solely on the basis of their personal profile, qualifications and achievements. Discrimination in any form is strictly forbidden. All references provided are verified discreetly so that the position of the candidates or the clients is not jeopardized.

Competence and responsibility

The rich professional and life experience of TOPSEARCH consultants are a guarantee that only verified candidates with suitable profiles will be recommended for any given position. This is based not only on our in-depth knowledge of the specifics of the individual sectors of the economy, but also on the long-term experience of our consultants.

Individual approach

TOPSEARCH consultants always communicate with clients and candidates in person, scheduled according to each party’s needs. The information we provide is always accurate, open, and in accordance with the good reputation of our company. Non-standard or unethical procedures are not welcome at TOPSEARCH and are categorically rejected, We understand that professionalism, reliability and a friendly approach are the characteristics which our clients and candidates expect from us and we strive to meet and exceed their requirements in this area.